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Smoke detector and flammable gas leakage detector can work alone. This means, even if you have already closed main unit (withdraw garrison), it still keep on detecting smoke and gas. We set such function because people need this two kinds of detectors work for 24 hours all day.
If all accessories and main unit have correct corresponding address code and data code, then all them can send alarm messenger to main unit, then main unit can auto-dial set telephone numbers to tell you what happened. We suggest our customers buy a whole set from us, other than only buy main units from us and buy other accessories from another factory. Because our sets of burglarproof system already have very competitive price and we will adjust all address and data codes of accessories to match with main unit before delivery to you, so you need no adjust again when use. Of course, if you are a very professional purchaser and know some technology knowledge about this, you can buy main unit and accessories separately, then do it yourself according to our use manual.

Why this is one of best business chance?

Market Analysis
The living level of worldwide people has improved much and many families not only have color TV, refrigerator, home electrical equipment, but also valuable decorators, old things. On the other hand, the commit and theft occur frequently, especially for intrude unlawfully, theft, burglar, crime, violent, which is harmful to people life and treasure. In additional, the place for special protection, the old people and fancy, the patient, the fireproof, flammable gas leakage-proof are also paid more attention to security. Strengthening society security, maintaining country safe, protecting people right are not only a politics task, but also an important field applied with latest technology.
Nowadays kinds of society security are only the compensation after things occur, which can t make up for the lost. People require avoiding loss in advance. Alarm system is just this kind of Hi-Tech products that can reduce crime, harm and potential danger to protect people safety and treasure in advance. Creating safety is just creating treasure, so buying safety or Safety Consumer already becomes a new economical rising point after Health Consumer.
Security industry develops lately, but investment on security becomes more and more with economy improving. It s full of prospects both on ocean market and domestic market. Our company would continue endeavoring to research and develop new products for people safety and society security.

Why is it so salable? Global Partners wanted

Our wireless burglarproof alarm system can be sold well by extensive distributing channels for easy operation and no cable construction and need no complex technology knowledge. we have already set well all accessories to match with main unit before delivery them to customers. So you can DO IT YOURSELF!------This is why anyone can distribute our products and make profits from it.

It is a perfect business chance for middle/small size trader to grasp. In China market, only for short several months, many our distributors have made large profits from this business. The achievement is till rising rapidly. So we hope take this advantage of chance to develop more worldwide partners. You can agent/distribute our products, or you can offer detail technology requirement to us and we are glad to carry OEM cooperation and produce for your brand. We have excellent Research & Develop ability and big manufacture capacity. As you know, we have also low labor cost and cheap material cost, in the same the quality can be guaranteed. These partners maybe as:

1 Producers, suppliers, agents of security related product who have market net. 2 Small trade company who have distribute net on electronic products and have relationship with local electronic city, supermarket, stain shop, showroom counter. 3 Individual person or businessman who have relationship with distributors on home appliance, decorate products, that s to say, they can encourage the family to buy. 4 Other senior industrial agents, distributors, trade companies, etc. 5 Any private-run enterprisers whose is absent in fund, want to get strong support, much interested in our product series or seeking for a long-term cooperation relationship. 6 Small-scale companies that are in the beginning of fund accumulation. 7 Welcome senior salesman in the security industry to work for us, the cooperation methods may be discussable. (We have a series of train course and files to guide our distributors on market promotion )

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